Adriana Méndez

Executive Chef | Friolisa Pomona Iberia
Adriana Méndez


Chef advisor at Friolisa Pomona Iberia, expert in gastronomy and distribution. Provides innovative solutions and extensive experience. With a keen eye for culinary trends, she delivers exceptional results, elevating every dish.


Culinary Demonstration with Tasting | The Horeca Hub

The value of the frozen product

Jordi Margall
Jordi Margall Gastronoms Manager Speaker
Adriana Méndez
Adriana Méndez Friolisa Pomona Iberia Executive Chef Speaker

18-03-2024 14:15 18-03-2024 15:00 Europe/Madrid The value of the frozen product

A culinary demonstration with tasting of Vgama frozen products. Two culinary masters, Jordi Margall and Adriana Mendez, will discover the secrets behind Vgama frozen products, from their origin to their perfection in elite restaurants: benefits and versatility, storage, thawing, and regeneration, ease of handling and waste reduction. Enjoy delicious creations that reflect the culinary excellence and innovation of frozen products.

Hall 6 | The Horeca Hub – Show Stage 2
Mon 18 14:15h - 15:00h Hall 6 | The Horeca Hub – Show Stage 2