YOSOY presents three new 100% plant-based soy and oat versions, with no additives or added sugar, for true coffee lovers

The healthy alternative to add to your coffee

YOSOY, the brand specialising in plant-based beverages, brings three new releases to Alimentaria, featuring soy and oats, for coffee lovers who are looking for vegetarian or vegan options, or simply want to incorporate healthier alternatives into their diets.

YOSOY Barista Soy is one of their new products. With a creamy texture that produces thick foam, this soy drink is ideal for latte art creations. It stands out for its neutral taste, which helps enhance the flavour of the coffee with which it is mixed. It’s an excellent choice for consumers who want a healthy soy beverage for their coffee, without any additives or sugar. It’s available in litre and box formats at major retailers and the HORECA channel.

Also designed for coffee lovers, the brand presents two other drinks, but oat-based in a takeaway format: YOSOY Barista Oat Coffee and YOSOY Barista Oat Cappuccino, the first choice on the 100% plant-based market and with a clean label. Both products were developed without additives, added sugars or gluten. Designed to be enjoyed any time, they are available in 230-ml formats for major retailers and the HORECA channel.

With these additions, the brand expands its range of products offering healthier alternatives for the daily-consumption food market, without losing sight of its commitment to sustainability and the quality of its ingredients.

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