Michael Peter Uhlig

Founder | D’Origen Coffee Roasters
Michael Peter Uhlig


Round Table | Coffee, Bakery and Pastry

Expansion in specialty coffee

Andre Oliveira Barretto
Andre Oliveira Barretto Coffee XP Q-Arabica Grader y Authorized SCA Trainer Speaker
Rafael Motta
Rafael Motta Coffee XP Oatly’s Barista Strategy Team Lead Southern Europe Speaker
Egor Kolpakov
Egor Kolpakov W11 capital s.r.o Entrepreneur Speaker
Michael Peter Uhlig
Michael Peter Uhlig D’Origen Coffee Roasters Founder Speaker
Mani Alam
Mani Alam Antonias Burger, The fish & Chips Shop, Baby Jalebi, Achaar Bar Co-owner Speaker

19-03-2024 11:30 19-03-2024 12:15 Europe/Madrid Expansion in specialty coffee

Roundtable on how to expand your specialty coffee business

Hall 7 | Coffee, Bakery and Pastry, Taste and Talks
Tue 19 11:30h - 12:15h Hall 7 | Coffee, Bakery and Pastry, Taste and Talks