Albert Raurich

Chef | Dos Palillos Restaurant
Albert Raurich


Albert Raurich was head chef at Ferran Adrià's elBulli restaurant for several years. He is currently the owner and chef of the Asian cuisine restaurant Dos palillos (one Michelin star) and the Dos pebrots restaurant, opened in 2016


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From the sea: cured, matured and fermented

Albert Raurich
Albert Raurich Dos Palillos Restaurant Chef

06-04-2022 18:00 06-04-2022 18:45 Europe/Madrid From the sea: cured, matured and fermented

Product conservation treatments such as curing, maturation or fermentation to obtain new flavors are techniques that are increasingly widespread among chefs, although in Asian kitchens they are a fundamental part of traditional cooking.

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