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Enrique Valentí


He was born in Madrid but his cooking career has been developed in Barcelona, creating concepts and spaces such as Casa Paloma, Chez Coco, Barbas, Solomillo, Marea Alta and Marea Baja. Currently he is overturned with Adobo and Adobar


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Marinades… technique in danger of extinction

Enrique Valentí
Enrique Valentí Adobo Restaurant Chef

04-04-2022 18:15 04-04-2022 19:00 Europe/Madrid Marinades… technique in danger of extinction

The marinade is a technique that indisputably represents the cuisine of Enrique Valentí, and not to hide the effects of a food that is not very fresh, but quite the opposite, to enhance the product and fix flavors.“Right-wing” cuisine with a twist to the concept of marinade, the roasts and stews that characterize his cuisine so much, a traditional cuisine, updated, recognizable, and without complexes. An up-to-date eating house.

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