Jaume Planella Busquets

Noel Corporate R&D Director | Noel Alimentaria SAU
Jaume Planella Busquets


Corporate R&D Director of NOEL ALIMENTARIA S.A.U. during the last 19 years, period in which the company, respecting its meat origin, has diversified its lines of business in other food sectors and in particular what we now call alternative proteins


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Noel, innovating in a context of protein coexistence

Jaume Planella Busquets
Jaume Planella Busquets Noel Alimentaria SAU Noel Corporate R&D Director

05-04-2022 13:10 05-04-2022 13:20 Europe/Madrid Noel, innovating in a context of protein coexistence

A response where innovation plays a crucial role in being able to offer the markets a diversity of protein-based products from different sources, with the common denominator of doing it under the highest standards of quality and food safety with which the company is recognized, and with a solid productive and supply capacity. In this way Noel gives consumers the possibility of choosing from a multitude of proposals with which to decide how to configure a diet that allows them to lead a lifestyle based on a healthy diet, in what is a clear commitment to balance, sustainability and protein coexistence.

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La proteïna alternativa a Catalunya

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Jaume Planella Busquets
Jaume Planella Busquets Noel Alimentaria SAU Noel Corporate R&D Director
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05-04-2022 12:00 05-04-2022 14:00 Europe/Madrid La proteïna alternativa a Catalunya

It is estimated that by 2040, 60% of the meat we will consume will not be of animal origin.

The macro trends of population growth and global food demand, combined with greater sensitivities towards sustainability, animal welfare and health, will pose great challenges that will make us rethink what we eat and how we produce it. 

In this sense, from ACCION - Generalitat de Catalunya - we promote this session together with INNOVACC - the meat and alternative protein cluster, which aims to:

. Publicize these trends and the conclusions of the study: "Alternative protein as a driver of change in the food industry in Catalonia: mapping and analysis", prepared by the General Directorate of Industry of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

. The action plan promoted jointly by ACCION and the INNOVACC cluster

. Case studies of innovative Catalan companies with alternative protein

The practical cases are gathered in the program of activities under the theme ''The alternative protein to Catalonia"

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