Xavier Pera

Responsible for Food Safety and Quality | AECOCSpain
Xavier Pera


He has been responsible for Food Safety and Quality at AECOC since 2014. Among her responsibilities, she is responsible for projects linked to consumer information and the management of food alerts and crises.


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Transparency in food differentiation and new consumption trends

Xavier Pera
Xavier PeraAECOCResponsible for Food Safety and Quality
15-09-2020 11:3015-09-2020 12:15Europe/MadridTransparency in food differentiation and new consumption trends

Our society's consumption patterns are constantly evolving, incorporating new variables into purchasing decisions such as long-term health, environmental sustainability, animal welfare, linkage to origin or ethical values in food production. At the same time, food companies are making a great effort to adapt their offer and differentiate their products through labelling and advertising, with an increasing use of claims or adjectives linked to the product (eco, km0, products without, etc.). This phenomenon, added to the large amount of information on food in social networks and digital media, has generated a complex scenario that can confuse consumers and affect their confidence. In the face of this, transparency and honesty emerge as fundamental tools in the consolidation of new consumer trends.

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