Green Tahr nutritional yeast protein

Green Tahr will present its nutritional yeast protein as an ideal food supplement for athletes

Sustainable superproteins to improve performance

Nutritional yeast protein is a food supplement that’s increasingly appreciated by athletes, thanks to the benefits it brings with its culinary versatility and its ability to maximise physical performance. This is the case of the new product made by Green Tahr, which, by fermenting yeast derived from the premium strain (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae), contains more than 80% of complete protein to provide all the essential amino acids to aid muscle recovery.

It’s an ideal complement for smoothies and other recipes, such as bars, cookies and purées, as it has a completely neutral flavour and it dilutes easily, without leaving anything on the bottom of the glass.

Another major asset of Green Tahr nutritional yeast protein is its sustainability, given that only a fraction of the land and water required for the production of proteins of plant and animal origin is used to make it, and the emissions of CO2 per kg are twenty times lower than those of animal origin.

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